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Project #80423
Key Info:
School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
Title of Action:
White Canyon Water Wells
Project Start Date:
T.34S., R.15E., Sec. 16 (within), T.35S., R.15E., Sec.s 16 & 36 (within), and T.37S., R.16E., Sec. 2 (within)
Location/Supplemental Attachment:
San Juan
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Date of Acquisition:
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Project abstract: SITLA has received a proposal to drill four (4) stock water wells on four sections of trust land. The proposal includes: drilling the wells and installing solar pump systems in each, a water storage tank, a short pipeline and water trough at each well location.
The proposal is to provide reliable water sources for livestock and wildlife at various location across the allotment to improve distribution of grazing.
Local government's response? A copy of this posting was included with the notification.
How is the local government(s) likely to be impacted? No negative impacts anticipated.
Possible significant impacts likely to occur: Improved grazing distribution and decreased management expenses.
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