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Project #78123
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School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
Title of Action:
SULA 1948 - Commercial Lease Application
Project Start Date:
Township 29 South, Range 23 East, Section 16, (W2SE4 and SW4).
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SULA1948 Map.pdf
San Juan
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Project abstract: SITLA has received a commercial lease application for approximately 240 acres of Trust Lands near Looking Glass Arch which is by LaSal Junction in San Juan County. The applicant desires to use the property for tourism related purposes. The properties are in Township 29 South, Range 23 East, Section 16, (W2SE4 and SW4). It is anticipated that the applicant may refine the legal description with a meets and bounds legal description after they are successful in getting a commercial lease.
Local government's response? No comments have been received yet. They were notified along with this notification.
How is the local government(s) likely to be impacted? This will be a very low impact commercial venture and it is anticipated that the property will be fully reclaimed at the end of the proposed lease term.
Possible significant impacts likely to occur: Extra traffic in the area during the construction period and extra traffic during the tourism season.
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