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Project #76083
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DOI/Bureau of Land Management
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Topache Peak Abandoned Mine Reclamation
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12 miles southwest of the town of Milford in the north end of the Star Mountain Range in the Topache Peak area
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DOI-BLM-UT-CO10-2020-0026-EA_Public Comment.pdf
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Project abstract: The proposed action is to remediate physical safety hazards for the identified features beginning in the fall of 2020, subject to surface owner consent agreements. Given the size of the project, the closure work will likely be broken up into three phases to make the work more manageable for the closure contractor. The remediation work would consist of back-filling shafts and adits with adjacent mine dump material or closing them with masonry walls, steel grates, or foam plugs. Areas re-disturbed by the project work would be re-vegetated. The closure work would be done with rubber tired and track mounted backhoes and manual labor. Surface disturbance should be localized and limited to the immediate vicinity of the mine openings and necessary access routes.
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