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DOI/Bureau of Land Management
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Rydalch Pass Pipeline Connection Protest Period
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East and West of Cedar Mountains
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Project abstract: The grazing permittee on the Skull Valley allotment has reported that the well (located in Township 2 South, Range 10 West, Section 16) that feeds the existing pipeline system to the west has gone dry. The existing pipeline/water delivery system provides important infrastructure for both permitted grazing operations as well as for wildlife and wild horses within the Cedar Herd Management Area. The proposed action includes installing a new pipeline and a buried storage tank by trenching along Class B county roads to connect existing pipelines that are located east and west of the Cedar Mountains, in Tooele County. The United States reserved UTU-80753 [the ROW is 30 feet wide and contains varying pipe diameters]; the proposed action would amend the right-of-way to include an additional approximately 6.8 miles of new pipeline along the Cedar Mountain Road, a Tooele County Class B road, and an approximately 0.7 miles of new pipeline on BLM-managed lands on the South Cedar Mountain Road, also a Tooele County Class B Road. This pipeline and the storage tank would be buried, and the surface would be reclaimed and re-seeded. The water storage tank would be located in a single location, and would have a capacity for 15,000 to 20,000 gallons (perhaps broken into two tanks). Initial construction work would be completed by Ensign Ranches, under an existing Cooperative Agreement. This pipeline would close the gaps between existing pipelines to form a single pipeline system. Combining these pipelines into one system would ensure a consistent supply of water through the whole pipeline system, even if one of the water sources were to reduce or lose flow. The new section of pipeline would total approximately 43,790 ft. long. The entire project will be located outside of the designated Cedar Mountain Wilderness. A short section (~0.75 miles) of new pipeline and one solar pump will need to be installed on lands managed by the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration; the remainder of the affected land is administered by the BLM.
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