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Project #75983
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DNR/Division of Oil, Gas & Mining
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Portions of the NE and SE , Section 20, Township 1 South, Range 5 East, SLBM, Summit County, Utah.
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Project abstract: During Operations:
No blasting is currently planned for the quarry. Material is removed using a tracked excavator. Rock from the quarry is excavated using tracked excavators, loaders, and trucks for hauling. The stone is removed from the face of the highwall along the natural dip angle of the bedded rock. It is split by hand, cut to specific sizes with a guillotine, or tumbled, and then stacked on pallets for shipping. Waste rock material is added to the existing dumps. Topsoil will be salvaged and placed in stockpiles for final reclamation. Topsoil stockpiles will be protected from disturbance by seeding interim vegetation, using berms to prevent erosion by storm water, and using signs and/or structural controls, such as barricade stones to limit disturbance by vehicles or other equipment. Fuel will be stored in tanks with 110 percent secondary containment. In 2014 the operator began stabilizing the landslide area. Rock which was placed on the top of the slide was gradually pushing the slide down slope. The waste rock on top of the slide area was removed at that time, and some aggregate production will continue to reduce the volume of waste rock for the life of the mine. Since 2015, the slide has stabilized and the overall slope now closely matches the original contour of the landscape.

After Operations:
All facilities and structures will be removed, and all disturbed areas will be reclaimed. Trash and debris will be hauled to the county landfill. Waste dumps will be graded to a 3H:1V slope. On the steep east slope of the waste dump, if the operator is able to establish vegetation where the slope is steeper than 3H:1V, the operator may do so and request bond release after vegetation is established. Highwalls will be less than 1H:1V from toe to crest. The maximum height of the highwalls will be 80 feet. All roads will be reclaimed unless written request is received by the Division from the property owner. Along the shoulder of Brown s Canyon Road an adequate slope factor of safety will be maintained. Topsoil will be replaced with a minimum depth of six inches. Substitute soil, including manure or other organic matter, may be used to supplement available topsoil. All areas will be ripped to a minimum depth of one foot. Compacted surfaces, such as roads, will be ripped to a two-foot depth. The entire site will be seeded with an approved seed mix, designed to meet the postmining land use of grazing and wildlife habitat. Final configuration is expected to be covered with grass, sagebrush, and oak.
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