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Project #65843
Key Info:
School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
Title of Action:
Porphory Bench Ponds - RIP 738
Project Start Date:
T. 15 S., R. 9 E., Sec. 6: SE4SE4NE4 (Within), T. 14 S., R. 9 E., Sec. 33: NW4SW4SE4 (Within)
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Has local government been contacted?
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Date of Acquisition:
Have the state representative and state senator been contacted?

Project abstract: The Porphory Bench Ponds proposal is to construct two earthen dams/ponds in drainages to collect and store run off water for livestock and wildlife. One pond would be built in two locations. The disturbance would not exceed one acre in size and the dam height no more than 10 ft.from the low point in the pond to the top of the dam.
Local government's response? A copy of this registry was sent with the notification. No responses have been received yet.
How is the local government(s) likely to be impacted? No negative impacts expected to the local government.
Possible significant impacts likely to occur: No negative impacts expected. Increases in water availability and therefore improved distribution of grazing likely.
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