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Project #65703
Key Info:
DNR/Division of Wildlife Resources
Title of Action:
Habitat management plan for the Browns Park Waterfowl Management Area
Project Start Date:
Located approx. 47 miles NE of Vernal, UT & 17 miles E Dutch John, UT; SEE MAPS in App. A
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Project abstract: This habitat management plan is called for in Utah Code 23-21-2.2

The goals and objectives of the Browns Park WMA are to preserve, restore, and enhance both aquatic and terrestrial habitat for all wildlife and to provide public hunting opportunity for waterfowl and other defined species. Maintaining a highly functional system in a healthy state will benefit the wildlife resources and public users.
Local government's response? The chair of the county commission responded September 25, 2018 that the commission had seen and reviewed the plan, and approved of it, after the Division of Wildlife Resources worked to resolve any concerns.
How is the local government(s) likely to be impacted? Local government is likely to have a better idea of the management challenges, habitat restoration needs, and public access plans pertaining to this waterfowl management area.
Possible significant impacts likely to occur: No significant adverse effects are foreseeable.
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