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Project #64262
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USDA/Forest Service
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Upper Valley West Pipeline
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T36S Rl W Sections 13 and 24, and T36S R1E Sections 18 and 19
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Upper Valley West Pipeline .pdf
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Project abstract: Escalante Ranger District, Dixie National Forest
The purpose of this project is to improve wildlife habitat by increasing livestock distribution on the Upper Valley West Allotment. There is a need to add three miles of pipeline to the end of the existing pipeline through the Lacey Cove pasture to increase livestock distribution within the allowable maximum utilization standards.
The Lacey Cove pasture relies solely on spring runoff and summer monsoonal rains for water sources. Currently the runoff is collected in a series of erosion control catchment ponds (i.e. check dams). Due to limited water sources, some forage areas are being underutilized and other areas.are utilized more. Adding additional pipeline and water tanks will allow for better utilization of the pasture by livestock and provide additional habitat for wildlife.
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