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Project #63762
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DOI/Bureau of Land Management
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Wolverine Gas & Oil Company of Utah, LLC A-5 Pad Wells 17-17, 17-18,17-19
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SW NE , Section 17 to the NE NE (17-17), NE SE (17-18)
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Project abstract: Wolverine Gas and Oil Company of Utah, LLC (Wolverine), is proposing to directionally drill three oil and gas exploration wells 17-17, 17-18, 17-19 from a location in Section 17 T. 23 S., R. 1 W., SLM, Sevier County, Utah. The wells would penetrate Federal lease UTU-73528, extending from the surface location in the SW NE , Section 17 to the NE NE (17-17), NE SE (17-18), and NW NE (17-19) of Section 17. The proposed total pad disturbance is 4.89 acres, located completely on BLM land. This is a new construction pad with access provided by an extension of the road currently used to access the A3 pad. For more details see the construction diagrams. Drilling is proposed to begin in summer 2018 and have an approximate duration of 14 days per well.
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