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Project #63422
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USDA/Forest Service
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Brian Head Fire Rehabilitation Project Objection Period
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Project area encompasses the final perimeter of the Brian Head Fire
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Garfield, Iron
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Project abstract: After considering information provided in the EA, comments received from the public, and internal input from an interdisciplinary team of Forest Service resource specialists, Alternative 2, the Proposed Action, has been selected. The Proposed Action consists of the following components: 1. Watershed Rehabilitation through Road Re-Routing and Decommissioning Approximately 3.36 miles of roads and trails would be decommissioned and re-routed with 3.71 miles of roads placed in more hydrologically sustainable locations 2. Fuels Reduction of 2,060 acres 3. Timber Salvage of 1,938 acres This decision is subject to a pre-decisional administrative review process, also known as an objection process (36 CFR 218, Subparts A and B). Only individuals or entities (as defined by 36 CFR 218.2) who submitted timely and specific written comments (as defined by 36 CFR 218.2) regarding this proposed project during a designated opportunity for public comment established by the responsible official are eligible to file an objection to this draft decision.
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