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Project #62462
Key Info:
School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
Title of Action:
Right of Entry Permit No. 6533
Project Start Date:
T38S, R23E, Sec 32
Location/Supplemental Attachment:

ROE 6533 Maps.jpg
San Juan
Has local government been contacted?
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Date of Acquisition:
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Project abstract: The State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration received a Right of Entry Application to upgrade a portion (approx. 1,098 feet) of a San Juan County D-class road to a with of 40 feet. The road will provide better access to a state approved well pad. The D-class road has a prescriptive easement in place with San Juan County and the company will also be working with the County for certain approvals to improve that D-class County road.
Local government's response? As to date, no response has been received because they were sent notice along with this notification.
How is the local government(s) likely to be impacted? There will be a little more traffic on that county road. There will be some additional construction traffic during the construction period. There will be extra mineral revenues to the local government associated with the well.
Possible significant impacts likely to occur: There will be some grading, excavating, and digging to widen and improve the road. There will be a little extra dust associated with the extra traffic and during the construction period.
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