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DOI/Bureau of Land Management
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Gillies Ranch Road
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Section 27: SE SE ; Section 34: NE NE , W NE , W SE
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Project abstract: The BLM is considering authorizing a ROW to Emery County in perpetuity for installation of another culvert, a borrow area and continual maintenance of an existing road. Emery County submitted an application for a ROW on March 7, 2016, for a portion of the Gillis Ranch road, on BLM-managed land. The legal description for the project area is: T. 22 S., R. 14 E., Salt Lake Meridian, Emery County, Utah Section 27: SE SE ; Section 34: NE NE , W NE , W SE . The overall width and length of the road being applied for is 50 feet wide and approximately 6,700 feet long, and where the culverts are installed the width would be 75 feet for a distance of 30 feet, encompassing approximately 7.8 acres and the borrow area contains approximately 1.6 acres. Culvert installation would be performed by first shaping the road with material from the borrow area, establishing the grade of the travel surface, excavating a cut laterally across the road and a little wider than the width of the culvert. The gradient of base of the cut would be minimal, in order not to accelerate water flow. The culvert sections (three 20-foot sections) would then be placed in the bottom of the cut and banded together to create a 60-foot long structure. The excavation would be backfilled in lifts, compacted and re-graded to match the road travel surface and surrounding topography. The second culvert would be installed prior to seasonal storm events, which typically generates runoff. A final gravel surface would be placed when a material source is determined and road crew schedules allow. Typical maintenance would be performed on the travel surface and shoulder of the road. Extreme flooding may require some work on the back slopes, inlet and outlet ends of the culverts. The culverts would be 6 feet x 60 feet and 36 inches x 50 feet. Borrow material from the proposed borrow area would be utilized to elevate the road surface to its pre-storm existing elevation. The County Road Department crew would re-establish the roadway over time, as material in the borrow area is replenished by storm events. A front-end loader, excavator (track hoe) end dump and belly-dump trucks would be used to move the material. The crew would maintain a passable road surface as they intermittently re-establish the road. The project would entail three workers, a grader, loader, track hoe, water trailer and two tractor-trailers with belly dumps. Emery County would like to begin the work as soon as possible after receipt of the authorized ROW grant. The ROW grant would be monitored periodically throughout the life of the authorization to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the authorizing document.
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