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DOI/Bureau of Land Management
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Miner's Mountain Vegetation Enhancement Project Scoping
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Miner's Mountain Area
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Project abstract: The Bureau of Land Management's Richfield Field Office of the Color Country District is proposing to conduct a vegetation enhancement project in the Miner's Mountain area.

The Miner's Mtn. area consists of numerous Ponderosa Pine stands intermixed with Pinyon and Juniper. The Pinyon and Juniper would be reduced and thinned by hand or mechanical treatments. The encroaching trees in the area would be thinned by bull hog, Dixie harrow, Ely
Chain, masticator or cut by chain saws. Stringers and patches of trees may be left uncut to provide habitat for wildlife and nesting birds as well as for aesthetics. The trees would be thinned to provide a valuable firebreak for continuous aerial fuels, which could carry a catastrophic wildfire through the canopy. Implementation of the proposal would reduce hazardous fuels, thus altering fire behavior to allow fire suppression forces to better meet suppression objectives should a wildfire start. Depending on the density, the debris left from the downed trees would be left in place to provide hiding cover for wildlife and for soil stability. If resources dictated, some of the area could be burned and seeded prior to project implementation.

Ponderosa Pine stands have both economic and ecological importance. Economically they provide construction materials and fuel wood among many other benefits. Ponderosa Pine stands also provide soil stability and cover for birds and other small wildlife among other values such as food for many animals.

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