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Project #61563
Key Info:
School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
Title of Action:
Add to Develoment Designation I-80 Block Project, Tooele County UT
Project Start Date:
T1N R8W S29-32 SL, T1N R9W S36 SL, T1S R8W S5 SL
Location/Supplemental Attachment:
Has local government been contacted?
Date Local Government was Contacted:
Date of Acquisition:
Have the state representative and state senator been contacted?

Project abstract: Add 2,541.71 acres to the originally designated 7,328.16 acres, total acres is now 9,869.87 acres more or less.

This property is suitable for designation as a development property pursuant to R850-140 for the following reasons:

This property is located in Tooele County, and is suited for residential large scale industrial development.

Analysis by the agency has determined that development is appropriate and constitutes the probable highest and best use of this property. The planning and development group has received a proposal from a private party to lease/buy a parcel of land in the southern part of the I-80 block. The intended use is large scale industrial, the proposal is for the manufacturing of explosives.
How is the local government(s) likely to be impacted? Additional tax revenue from industrial development in Tooele County
Possible significant impacts likely to occur: /Ope4n Space will be used for industrial development
Consistency Review No Consistency Review Document
Record of Decision No Record of Decision Document
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For further information please contact project sponsor.