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Project #61442
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DOI/Bureau of Land Management
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Alvey Wash, Coal Bench, and Last Chance Vegetation Restoration
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Various parcels located Kane and Garfield counties
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Garfield, Kane
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Project abstract: BLM proposes to complete vegetation restoration activities
on a combination of GSENM and BLM Kanab Field Office (KFO) managed lands in portions of
the Alvey Wash, Upper Paria, and Last Chance allotments. Vegetation restoration activities are
expected to include a variety of mechanical methods depending on individual site conditions,
management constraints, and desired results. Methods anticipated for use may consist of a
combination of anchor chain, bullhog, Dixie harrow, mowing, and/or hand thinning and
seeding/reseeding using interseeding or a rangeland drill. These activities would occur on up to:
Approximately 1,600 acres in the Alvey Wash Allotment,
Approximately 3,000 acres in the Upper Paria Allotment, and
Approximately 8,584 acres in the Last Chance Allotment.
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