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Project #60590
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Desert Bighorn Sheep Management
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Zion National Park
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Iron, Kane, Washington
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Project abstract: The biggest threat to wild bighorn sheep is disease. Domestic sheep and goats can carry lethal strains of Pneumonia, without displaying symptoms. Bighorn are curious about their domestic relatives and will often attempt contact with them which increases the chance of disease transmission from domestic sheep to wild bighorn sheep. When this happens, fatality rates of up to 90% of a bighorn herd can occur, with significantly lower rates of lambing for years to come. Fortunately, Zion s bighorn herd has expanded, but this means that the risk of interaction with domestic sheep and possible disease transmission must be carefully managed as the herd ranges within and beyond park boundaries.

In order to mitigate this risk, Zion National Park, in collaboration with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, proposes to transplant desert bighorn sheep from the population inside the Park to support other parts of the state s bighorn population, and decrease the risk of disease transmission and potential for large scale die-off.
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