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Project #60589
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USDA/Forest Service
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Canyon Fuel Company Lease Modifications Scoping
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Adjacent to Sufco Mine's leases near Saline
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Project abstract: The purpose of the Proposed Action is to respond to Canyon Fuel Company's request for lease modifications for federal coal reserves on approximately 790 acres of BLM administered minerals beneath the Fishlake and Manti-La Sal National Forests surface lands.

Based on the consent from the National Forest supervisors, the BLM proposes to modify the leases by adding approximately 740 acres to federal coal lease UTU-84102 and by adding approximately 50 acres to federal coal lease UTU-63214. The modifications would assure compliance with laws and regulations that require maximum economic recovery.
Fishlake National Forest Supervisor, Mel Bolling, and Manti-La Sal National Forest Supervisor, Mark Pentecost, propose to consent to modifying the two federal coal leases and to identify non-mineral resource protection measures that will include stipulations derived from the original (i.e. parent) coal leases.

The proposed action assumes a practical and economical mine plan scenario, where the coal would be mined from the Sufco Mine using typical long-wall subsidence and full support room and pillar techniques. Based on average production, Canyon Fuel Company anticipates that mining would be completed in one year. No surface disturbance is anticipated; however, if subsidence occurs, the surface would be reclaimed.
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