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Project #60588
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Utah Department of Transportation
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State Route 73 State Environmental Study; UDOT Project S-0073(33)30
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SR-73; Eagle Mtn. Blvd to Saratoga Springs 800 West
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Project abstract: The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is preparing a State Environmental Study (SES) for the improvement of State Route 73 (S.R. 73) in Cedar Valley, Utah, located northwest of Utah Lake in northwestern
Utah County, Utah (see the enclosed map). In preparing the SES, UDOT will evaluate the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the proposed S.R. 73 improvements.

Most of the proposed project is in Cedar Valley, which is home to the municipalities of Eagle Mountain, Cedar Fort, and Fairfield. S.R. 73 is the primary arterial highway connecting Cedar Valley to the rest of Utah County and the Wasatch Front. S.R. 73 is currently a two-lane arterial from Eagle Mountain Boulevard to just west of Ranches Parkway and expands to a five-lane arterial to the east as the arterial crosses Ranches Parkway.

Recent and planned growth in Cedar Valley is greatly affecting traffic in and around the project study area. The project is included in the 2015 Mountainland Association of Governments Regional Transportation Plan. As proposed in the plan, the project would entail converting S.R. 73 to a freeway between about Eagle Mountain Boulevard on the west and the Mountain View Corridor (Saratoga Springs 800 West) on the east.
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