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USDA/Forest Service
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Diamond Fork Phosphate Project
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Little Diamond Fork Area
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Project abstract: The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest (UWCNF) and BLM are initiating public scoping to request input on the Diamond Fork Phosphate Project (proposed project), a proposed surface mine located in the Little Diamond Fork area of Utah County, Utah. Mining operations would take place on surface lands managed by the UWCNF. The Federal mineral estate is administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
Proposed Action and Project Area
The proposed action would include the surface mining of phosphate ore on Forest Service Land on Federal phosphate lease UTSL-05 l785-U03044. The phosphate lease was issued in 1937, and exploration and mining activities have occurred on the lease intermittently, most recently in 1981.
The proposed action consists of the following activities:
Surface mining activities on approximately 8.5 acres, to include mining, topsoil and overburden storage, and drainage control facilities,
The use of approximately 5 miles of paved Forest Service Road 029 for access to the project area and to haul ore,
The widening, surfacing and installation of drainage control structures on approximately 3 miles of Forest Roads 338 and 038 for access to the mine area and for hauling ore,
The improvement and use of a 3.5 acre laydown yard where mined ore would be crushed and loaded onto road-haul trucks.
The mine area, laydown yard and access roads are shown on the attached Project Location and Access map. The proposed action would also include regrading and revegetation of the disturbed areas to pre-mining conditions in accordance with UWCNF specifications at the conclusion of mining operations.
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