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81172#81172 Abstract
Trust Lands Administration has received an application to lease the surface of 14,273.34 acres in Uintah County for the purpose of irrigated agriculture crop production and livestock grazing. Approved activities on the leased area would include: maintaining/installation of irrigation and watering infrastructure and fencing, planting, irrigating, harvesting and grazing livestock.
Agricultural Special USe Lease Agreement (SULA) 1963#81172
Agricultural Special USe Lease Agreement (SULA) 1963
[view] Comment Period Open School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration 11/16/2021
81169#81169 Abstract
The Dixie National Forest is seeking public input on the Hungry Creek Vegetation Improvement Project. The proposed project is located within Garfield County, Utah on the Escalante Ranger District of the Dixie National Forest (DNF). The project consists of approximately 103,351 acres, an analysis area which covers both the Pine Creek and North Creek 6 HUC watersheds. Within this boundary, approximately 50,134 acres would receive a mechanical vegetation treatment such as thinning, timber stand improvement or mastication. Prescribed fire could be applied following vegetation treatments as well to other units in the project boundary for a total of 71,052 acres of burnable acres. The Hungry Creek Project would facilitate landscape-scale forest vegetation management to promote resiliency of the ecosystem while maintaining the aesthetics and character of the landscape.
Hungry Creek Vegetation Improvement Project#81169
Hungry Creek Vegetation Improvement Project
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 11/16/2021
81165#81165 Abstract
The project includes installing 17,230 ft of 8" waterline, 60 water meters, and 24 fire hydrants within an existing Iron County right-of-way. This project will not expand the system, but will replace existing infrastructure. The proposed project will allow the community to have a more reliable distribution system that meets the Division of Drinking water requirements. The previous system was constructed in the 1970's with 6" waterlines that fail to meet state code. The proposed project will include the installation of 8" waterlines to provide better fire flow with an estimated 9.89 acres of disturbance. However, the site was previously disturbed by road construction and utilities. The project will improve the existing water system without negatively impacting drainage, or adverse environmental impacts. Because the area where the construction will take place will be within areas of previous disturbance, it is anticipated that this project will not pose a threat to historic or cultural landmarks, threatened or endangered species, wetlands, or soils designated as prime farmland.
lrontown POA Water System Improvements Project Scope #81165
lrontown POA Water System Improvements Project Scope
[view] Comment Period Open Other/Private Organization 10/27/2021
81164#81164 Abstract
We are proposing a forest-wide prescribed fire restoration project to reduce the risk of uncharacteristic wildfires and improve the health, diversity, and resilience of native vegetation communities and wildlife habitats. The proposed action would help protect multiple values at risk (such as wildland urban interface, infrastructure, and sensitive resources), improve firefighter and public safety, and improve the health of forests and rangelands. The proposed action would implement multiple prescribed burns across up to approximately one million acres of the Forest over several years. The Forest would identify specific areas for treatment based on prioritized need, suitable conditions for prescribed burning, and available resources to safely implement burns. The annual prescribed burning program would apply fire on approximately 40,000 acres when conditions and resources allow. Some years would likely see much less fire than this, and some years may see a little more. Prescribed burning would be conducted within established guidelines, laws, regulations, and policies. This proposed action does not apply to research natural areas and some areas on the Fishlake where environmental analysis has previously been completed and prescribed fire has already been approved.
Forest-Wide Prescribed Fire Restoration Project#81164
Forest-Wide Prescribed Fire Restoration Project
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 11/16/2021
81163#81163 Abstract
Record of Decision approving Sovereign Lands General Permit for City of Green River to install a personal watercraft access point at the John W. Powell River History Museum in Green River, Emery County, Utah.
Record of Decision Approving General Permit 720-00360 (GREEN RIVER)#81163
Record of Decision Approving General Permit 720-00360 (GREEN RIVER)
[view] Comments Closed DNR/Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands 11/04/2021
81151#81151 Abstract
The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is conducting an EIS to evaluate potential transportation solutions to improve mobility through the Heber Valley and the operation of U.S. 40. UDOT has identified 13 alternative concepts that are under consideration in the EIS, which include options for U.S. 40, western routes, eastern routes and transit. Alternative concepts were developed using information from previous studies, public comments from the previous EIS comment periods and traffic analysis conducted by the EIS project team. These alternative concepts will be evaluated in a multi-level screening process to determine which alternatives will be carried forward for detailed environmental analysis. Public and agency comments helped define the project purpose and the range of alternatives that should be evaluated in the EIS process, including the recommendation to look at options for the east side. More information about both comment periods, including all the comments submitted, is available in the Early Scoping Summary Report and the Scoping Summary Report on the project website.
Heber Valley Corridor EIS#81151
Heber Valley Corridor EIS
[view] Comment Period Open Utah Department of Transportation 10/29/2021
81150#81150 Abstract
Trust staff is considering selling approximately 12.5 acres of land in Daggett County. The parcel is located on east of Highway 44 and can be accessed from an existing dirt road.
Notice of Sale of Trust Lands (C-26968)#81150
Notice of Sale of Trust Lands (C-26968)
[view] Comment Period Open School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration 11/10/2021
81129#81129 Abstract
The U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS), with the assistance of Springville City as the project sponsor, is proposing improvements within the Hobble Creek Watershed in Springville, Utah, under authority of the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act (Public Law [PL] 83-566). Improvements are being proposed along the lower reach of Hobble Creek, primarily between Main Street and I-15. The main objectives of the project are to improve flood control, enhance and protect fish habitat, and improve public recreation. USDA-NRCS and Springville City will hold an online public meeting to provide information about the proposed project and gather comments. Technical studies are anticipated to take place during 2021, with a draft Plan-EA circulated to the public in mid to late 2022. Public Scoping Meeting The public is invited to attend, discuss, and submit a comment during the online public scoping meeting: October 28, 2021 - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM The virtual meeting can be accessed by following the link below: 691918364 Public Scoping Open House The public is invited to attend, discuss, and submit a comment during the public open house: November 4, 2021 - 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM The public scoping open house will be held at the Springville City Civic Center, located at 110 South Main Street
Hobble Creek Watershed Plan EA#81129
Hobble Creek Watershed Plan EA
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service 11/09/2021
81128#81128 Abstract
The proponent proposes to develop an open working area (40 x 60 ) 12 -15 deep in order to mine septarians. A mini-excavator will be used in developing the pit, stripping and stacking top soil, moving waste rock and aiding in reclamation. Hand tools will be used to mine the septarians.
Septarian Egg Nest Mining Project#81128
Septarian Egg Nest Mining Project
[view] Comment Period Open DOI/Bureau of Land Management 11/09/2021
81124#81124 Abstract
The Cedar City Ranger District (CCRD) of the Dixie National Forest is providing this notice to inform you about the re-issuance of a permit for the Panguitch Municipal Water system, Garfield County, Utah. The environmental effects of the proposed project are being analyzed by resource specialists. See attached Scoping Notice
Panguitch Municipal Water Project Scoping and NOC#81124
Panguitch Municipal Water Project Scoping and NOC
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 11/02/2021
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