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62622#62622 Abstract
The City of Santa Clara has applied for a Recreation and Public Purpose Act (R&PP) lease/patent for land to be used for an adventure park. Components of the 52.146 acre park include a frisbee golf course, hiking trails, pump track for biking, pavilions and interpretive stations. The park would include recreational opportunities while promoting preservation and conservation of resources through awareness and conservation. The park would be located in the area known as the South Hills which is close to the Cove Wash trailhead and the Santa Clara River Reserve. The Santa Clara trails are popular hiking and biking trails that see over 7000 visitors per year. The area is also popular for many recreational events such as bike races and trail runs which the BLM administers through Special Recreation Permits. The demand for this area for future events will increase starting next year with the residential development of the Green Valley area which will eliminate bike racing in that area. The adventure park will facilitate these events by providing staging areas and parking.
Santa Clara Adventure Park R&PP#62622
Santa Clara Adventure Park R&PP
[view] Comment Period Open DOI/Bureau of Land Management 04/12/2018
62603#62603 Abstract
Team Hardrock, LLC. of Price, Utah and Heber City, Utah has established and perfected mining claims east of Clawson, in Emery County, Utah and has submitted a Plan of Operations under 43 CFR part 3809 regulations. The claims are for locatable minerals known as Septarian Nodules, a compacted clay feature which may contain vein-lettes of calcite and/or silica. These nodules, when cut and polished, can be beautiful and have intrinsic artistic value. The project is proposed to be a small commercial operation with a shallow (up to 40 feet deep) surface mine and preparation facilities for cleaning, polishing and/or cutting. Surface Occupancy (43 CFR Part 3715) is also involved.
Septarianville Nodules Mining Claims POD#62603
Septarianville Nodules Mining Claims POD
[view] Comment Period Open DOI/Bureau of Land Management 03/19/2018
62563#62563 Abstract
Santaquin City, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service has initiated an EA to evaluate environmental impacts associated with proposed flood prevention measures within the Santaquin east bench watersheds. Improvements under consideration may be partially funded through the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act of 1954 (PL83-566) and will address flood prevention and control and public safety risks while supporting existing agricultural and municipal land use.
Santaquin East Bench Watershed Improvement Project#62563
Santaquin East Bench Watershed Improvement Project
[view] Project Closed USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service
62543#62543 Abstract
In accordance with NEPA the BLM has prepared a Draft EIS for the Greater Chapita Wells Natural Gas infill Project is announcing the comment period.
Greater Chapita Wells Natural Gas Infill Project, Draft EIS#62543
Greater Chapita Wells Natural Gas Infill Project, Draft EIS
[view] Comment Period Open DOI/Bureau of Land Management 04/09/2018
62542#62542 Abstract
o The EPA is requesting public comment on a potential withdrawal of the Control Techniques Guidelines (CTG) for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry. The final CTG provided recommendations for reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from existing oil and natural gas industry emission sources in ozone nonattainment (NA) areas classified as Moderate or higher and states in the Ozone Transport Region (OTR). The CTG relied upon underlying data and conclusions made in the final rule titled Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Emission Standards for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources, published in the Federal Register on June 3, 2016. o The EPA believes it is prudent to withdraw the CTG in its entirety. The EPA also believes that the withdrawal will be more efficient for states in revising their state implementation plans (SIPs).
Notice of Proposed Withdrawal of the Control Techniques Guidelines for t...#62542
Notice of Proposed Withdrawal of the Control Techniques Guidelines for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry
[view] Comment Period Open Environmental Protection Agency 04/16/2018
62482#62482 Abstract
Notice of Opportunity to Object Diamond Fork Phosphate Project Spanish Fork Ranger District, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Utah County, Utah The Spanish Fork Ranger District of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest ("Forest Service") and the Bureau of Land Management ("BLM") Salt Lake Field Office have jointly prepared an environmental assessment ("EA") to evaluate the environmental consequences of the Diamond Fork Phosphate Project. The Proposed Action involves a federal phosphate lease where Forest Service administers the surface lands and the BLM administers the subsurface federal minerals. This EA discloses the impacts of the Proposed Action on surface and subsurface resources. The analysis in this EA has determined that the Proposed Action would not have a significant effect necessitating the preparation of an environmental impact statement, thus the Forest Service and the BLM have prepared separate findings of no significant impact ("FONSIs"). The decisions to proceed with the selected alternative are documented and will be approved by the responsible officials in a final Decision Notice ("DN") for the Forest Service and in a Decision Record ("DR") for the BLM. David C. Whittekiend, Forest Supervisor for the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, is the Forest Service responsible official. He has reviewed the surface management aspects of the Proposed Action alternative in order to make the following decision in the draft DN: (1) Authorize permanent improvements to Forest Service Roads 038 and 338, as described in the Forest Road SF 299 and the EA (2) Authorize construction and operation of an approximately 3.5 acre laydown yard (3) Require mitigation measure(s) and/or design features; and (4) Require evaluation methods and documentation for monitoring project implementation and mitigation effectiveness. The Field Office Manager for the Salt Lake Field Office, who is the BLM responsible official, has reviewed the subsurface portions of the Proposed Action alternative in order to make the following decision in the draft DR: (1) Approval of the Enforcement of lease stipulations for the Federal phosphate lease UTSL-051785-U03044; (2) Approval of the Conditions of Approval described in Appendix D to the EA; and (3) Approval of the Diamond Fork Mining and Reclamation Plan (Plan of Operations).
Diamond Fork Phosphate Project #62482
Diamond Fork Phosphate Project
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 04/10/2018
62462#62462 Abstract
The State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration received a Right of Entry Application to upgrade a portion (approx. 1,098 feet) of a San Juan County D-class road to a with of 40 feet. The road will provide better access to a state approved well pad. The D-class road has a prescriptive easement in place with San Juan County and the company will also be working with the County for certain approvals to improve that D-class County road.
Right of Entry Permit No. 6533#62462
Right of Entry Permit No. 6533
[view] Comment Period Open School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration 04/03/2018
62442#62442 Abstract
Finley Resources, Inc. has submitted an easement application for a proposed pipeline corridor and access road within the NE4NW4 of Section 16, T7S, R21E, SLB&M, in Uintah County. The proposed pipeline corridor would contain up to four lines (natural gas pipeline up to 12 inches in diameter, water line up to 8 inches in diameter, residue pipeline up to 4 inches in diameter, fresh water/completion pipeline up to 8 inches in diameter). The proposed access road and pipelines would serve the applicant's Fin State 16-2A-7-21 well. The road would connect to an existing county road. The proposed pipeline easement is approximately 1,129.77 feet long and 30 feet wide, containing approximately 0.78 of an acre. The proposed access road easement is approximately 1,062.97 feet long and 30 feet wide, containing approximately 0.73 of an acre. The requested term of the easement is 30 years.
New Easement No. 2170#62442
New Easement No. 2170
[view] Comment Period Open School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration 03/27/2018
62422#62422 Abstract
The BLM is considering authorizing a ROW to Emery County in perpetuity for installation of another culvert, a borrow area and continual maintenance of an existing road. Emery County submitted an application for a ROW on March 7, 2016, for a portion of the Gillis Ranch road, on BLM-managed land. The legal description for the project area is: T. 22 S., R. 14 E., Salt Lake Meridian, Emery County, Utah Section 27: SE SE ; Section 34: NE NE , W NE , W SE . The overall width and length of the road being applied for is 50 feet wide and approximately 6,700 feet long, and where the culverts are installed the width would be 75 feet for a distance of 30 feet, encompassing approximately 7.8 acres and the borrow area contains approximately 1.6 acres. Culvert installation would be performed by first shaping the road with material from the borrow area, establishing the grade of the travel surface, excavating a cut laterally across the road and a little wider than the width of the culvert. The gradient of base of the cut would be minimal, in order not to accelerate water flow. The culvert sections (three 20-foot sections) would then be placed in the bottom of the cut and banded together to create a 60-foot long structure. The excavation would be backfilled in lifts, compacted and re-graded to match the road travel surface and surrounding topography. The second culvert would be installed prior to seasonal storm events, which typically generates runoff. A final gravel surface would be placed when a material source is determined and road crew schedules allow. Typical maintenance would be performed on the travel surface and shoulder of the road. Extreme flooding may require some work on the back slopes, inlet and outlet ends of the culverts. The culverts would be 6 feet x 60 feet and 36 inches x 50 feet. Borrow material from the proposed borrow area would be utilized to elevate the road surface to its pre-storm existing elevation. The County Road Department crew would re-establish the roadway over time, as material in the borrow area is replenished by storm events. A front-end loader, excavator (track hoe) end dump and belly-dump trucks would be used to move the material. The crew would maintain a passable road surface as they intermittently re-establish the road. The project would entail three workers, a grader, loader, track hoe, water trailer and two tractor-trailers with belly dumps. Emery County would like to begin the work as soon as possible after receipt of the authorized ROW grant. The ROW grant would be monitored periodically throughout the life of the authorization to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the authorizing document.
Gillies Ranch Road#62422
Gillies Ranch Road
[view] Project Closed DOI/Bureau of Land Management 03/12/2018
62382#62382 Abstract
This property is suitable for designation as a development property pursuant to R850-140 for the following reasons: The property is located in Salt Lake County, in the Northwest Quadrant of Salt Lake City, on interstate I-80 and close the Salt Lake International Airport. SITLA will acquire this property by donation in February 2018 and it is suitable for development for business purposes. Analysis by the agency has determined that development of the parcel is in the best interest of the beneficiaries.
Northwest Quadrant Parcels#62382
Northwest Quadrant Parcels
[view] Project Closed School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration 03/05/2018
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