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60662#60662 Abstract
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking public comment on two environmental documents associated with leasing 43 parcels (approximately 51,401 acres) for oil and gas exploration in Grand and San Juan counties, Utah. The documents include 1) an Environmental Assessment (EA) analyzing 29 parcels (approximately 40,867 acres), and 2) a Determination of NEPA Adequacy (DNA), which addresses 14 parcels (approximately 10,534 acres) located within the Moab Master Leasing Plan area.
March 2018 Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale#60662
March 2018 Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale
[view] Comment Period Open DOI/Bureau of Land Management 10/18/2017
60648#60648 Abstract
Application from Moulding Investments for a permit to construct and operate a Class I landfill on its property approximately 8 miles southeast of Snowville.
Franklin Hill Regional Landfill#60648
Franklin Hill Regional Landfill
[view] Comment Period Open DEQ/Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste 09/28/2017
60644#60644 Abstract
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The applicant is proposing to reconstruct State Road (SR) 68/Redwood Road from its interchange with I-215 to Center Street (SR-68, MP 63.65 to 64.37) to create a five lane (approximately 111 ft. wide with two lanes in each direction and one center turn lane) road with standard shoulders, curb and gutters, and a sidewalk on the east side of SR-68. To accommodate its purpose, the project will also improve the SR-68/I-215 interchange by constructing a more efficient diverging diamond interchange, which requires a new/separate bridge structure situated to the east of the existing structure. On and off ramps, turn lanes, and signal lighting improvements will also be necessary at the interchange. Based on the available information, the overall project purpose is to address safety, improve mobility, and improve the future projected Level of Service (LOS) and traffic operations. The applicant believes there is a need to improve the LOS to accommodate better traffic flow, reduce congestion, and accommodate bicycles and pedestrians. The attached drawings provide additional project details. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Environmental Setting. The project area consists of approximately 90 acres located north of I-215 and west of I-15 in the City of North Salt Lake, which is located in southwest Davis County. The site is characterized by the existing Redwood Road and Interstate-215 infrastructure, with primarily commercial and industrial land uses with office buildings and a gas station along SR-68. The interchange is heavily-trafficked, with many semi-trucks travelling along the interchange. The vegetated area within the interchange is mainly remnant saline wet meadow and revegetated right-of-way. The topography of the project area is generally flat, with exceptions being the existing interchange infrastructure. The area is heavily disturbed, and the saline meadow wetlands receive stormwater runoff from the existing highway. There are approximately 9.25 acres of waters of the United States (WOUS) within the project area, consisting of 4.02 acres of palustrine emergent wetlands (including saline wet meadows), 5.16 acres of perennial canals, and 0.07 acre of ephemeral ditch. Alternatives. The applicant has not provided information concerning project alternatives. Additional information concerning project alternatives may be available from the applicant or their agent. Other alternatives may develop during the review process for this permit application. All reasonable project alternatives, in particular those which may be less damaging to the aquatic environment, will be considered. Mitigation. The Corps requires that applicants consider and use all reasonable and practical measures to avoid and minimize impacts to aquatic resources. If the applicant is unable to avoid or minimize all impacts, the Corps may require compensatory mitigation. Redwood Road is in a highly commercial, industrial area currently being served by a high-volume 4-lane road. Maintenance of service to these commercial businesses and industrial sites and access to I-215 remains a high priority for the applicant while meeting the purpose and need of the project. The applicant evaluated various interchange concepts and concluded that constructing a diverging diamond interchange on SR-68 over I-215 would be best for the overall project goal of reducing construction cost, schedule, and traffic delays to the public during construction. Project design modifications that will be implemented in order to avoid and minimize impacts to WOUS include targeting of roadway widening areas away from WOUS, locating the new highway structure as close as possible to the existing structure, re-use of the existing highway structure instead of siting a second new structure, and minimizing roadway shoulders and reducing side slopes to the least-impactful cross-section while still meeting AASTHO clear zone design standards. The Corps will be evaluating the project to determine if additional avoidance and minimization measures are available as part of our project review. The applicant has proposed to compensate for the permanent loss of 1.47 acres of wetlands via the purchase of mitigation bank credits. The Corps is particularly interested in receiving comments related to the proposal's probable impacts on the affected aquatic environment and the secondary and cumulative effects.
Construct the SR 68; I-215 to Center Street Project#60644
Construct the SR 68; I-215 to Center Street Project
[view] Comment Period Open Department of Army/Corps of Engineers 10/16/2017
60623#60623 Abstract
The proposed project includes the construction of two quarter acre earthen dams creating two ponds that will collect run-off providing water for livestock and wildlife.
La Sal Mountains North Block Ponds 2017#60623
La Sal Mountains North Block Ponds 2017
[view] Comment Period Open School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration 10/12/2017
60622#60622 Abstract
The Bliss Spring Development project proposal includes installing a spring/collection box under the overhang to collect water with approximately 200 ft. of 2' pipeline out to one 1200 gallon or less tire trough. The proposed project will provide a reliable water source to livestock and wildlife. 400 ft. of five strand barbed-wire fencing would also be installed to protect the spring source and existing riparian vegetation. The existing pond will then be cleaned to hold the overflow and run-off from storms.
Bliss Spring Development#60622
Bliss Spring Development
[view] Comment Period Open School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration 10/12/2017
60607#60607 Abstract
Expedited Review Requested: BLM Moab Field Office, 82 East Dogwood Ave., Moab, UT 84532 is seeking a Lease for 600 acres of trust lands near Mineral Point in Grand County. The property is also known as the Fruit Bowl Area and has become very popular with the slackline and base-jumping communities. The Agreement will allow the BLM to use and manage the land for recreational purposes only. The BLM plans to combine the subject property with its property in the area and to manage the area and uses as one. The use of the area is rapidly growing in popularity and it makes sense to eliminate jurisdictional boundary lines and to consolidate management. The agreement will run for renewable five year terms. The property is located in Township 31 South, Range 18 East, Section 16, SLB&M. School Fund.
SULA 1866 - BLM lease of the Fruit Bowl#60607
SULA 1866 - BLM lease of the Fruit Bowl
[view] Comment Period Open School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration 09/25/2017
60591#60591 Abstract
Vegetation treatments designed to achieve the following direction: Maintain and improve species diversity Reduce pinyon-juniper invasion This project is needed because the current condition, the percent of pinyon-juniper canopy cover in the grassland, oak, and sage-steppe community, is too dense and not meeting desired conditions. The 'gap' between current and desired condition points to a need for management.
Fishlake NF & Boulder Mnt Pinyon-Juniper Project#60591
Fishlake NF & Boulder Mnt Pinyon-Juniper Project
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 10/03/2017
60590#60590 Abstract
The biggest threat to wild bighorn sheep is disease. Domestic sheep and goats can carry lethal strains of Pneumonia, without displaying symptoms. Bighorn are curious about their domestic relatives and will often attempt contact with them which increases the chance of disease transmission from domestic sheep to wild bighorn sheep. When this happens, fatality rates of up to 90% of a bighorn herd can occur, with significantly lower rates of lambing for years to come. Fortunately, Zion s bighorn herd has expanded, but this means that the risk of interaction with domestic sheep and possible disease transmission must be carefully managed as the herd ranges within and beyond park boundaries. In order to mitigate this risk, Zion National Park, in collaboration with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, proposes to transplant desert bighorn sheep from the population inside the Park to support other parts of the state s bighorn population, and decrease the risk of disease transmission and potential for large scale die-off.
Desert Bighorn Sheep Management#60590
Desert Bighorn Sheep Management
[view] Comments Closed DOI/National Park Service 09/21/2017
60589#60589 Abstract
The purpose of the Proposed Action is to respond to Canyon Fuel Company's request for lease modifications for federal coal reserves on approximately 790 acres of BLM administered minerals beneath the Fishlake and Manti-La Sal National Forests surface lands. Based on the consent from the National Forest supervisors, the BLM proposes to modify the leases by adding approximately 740 acres to federal coal lease UTU-84102 and by adding approximately 50 acres to federal coal lease UTU-63214. The modifications would assure compliance with laws and regulations that require maximum economic recovery. Fishlake National Forest Supervisor, Mel Bolling, and Manti-La Sal National Forest Supervisor, Mark Pentecost, propose to consent to modifying the two federal coal leases and to identify non-mineral resource protection measures that will include stipulations derived from the original (i.e. parent) coal leases. The proposed action assumes a practical and economical mine plan scenario, where the coal would be mined from the Sufco Mine using typical long-wall subsidence and full support room and pillar techniques. Based on average production, Canyon Fuel Company anticipates that mining would be completed in one year. No surface disturbance is anticipated; however, if subsidence occurs, the surface would be reclaimed.
Canyon Fuel Company Lease Modifications Scoping#60589
Canyon Fuel Company Lease Modifications Scoping
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 10/02/2017
60588#60588 Abstract
The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is preparing a State Environmental Study (SES) for the improvement of State Route 73 (S.R. 73) in Cedar Valley, Utah, located northwest of Utah Lake in northwestern Utah County, Utah (see the enclosed map). In preparing the SES, UDOT will evaluate the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the proposed S.R. 73 improvements. Most of the proposed project is in Cedar Valley, which is home to the municipalities of Eagle Mountain, Cedar Fort, and Fairfield. S.R. 73 is the primary arterial highway connecting Cedar Valley to the rest of Utah County and the Wasatch Front. S.R. 73 is currently a two-lane arterial from Eagle Mountain Boulevard to just west of Ranches Parkway and expands to a five-lane arterial to the east as the arterial crosses Ranches Parkway. Recent and planned growth in Cedar Valley is greatly affecting traffic in and around the project study area. The project is included in the 2015 Mountainland Association of Governments Regional Transportation Plan. As proposed in the plan, the project would entail converting S.R. 73 to a freeway between about Eagle Mountain Boulevard on the west and the Mountain View Corridor (Saratoga Springs 800 West) on the east.
State Route 73 State Environmental Study; UDOT Project S-0073(33)30#60588
State Route 73 State Environmental Study; UDOT Project S-0073(33)30
[view] Comment Period Open Utah Department of Transportation 09/26/2017
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