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69648#69648 Abstract
This project will evaluate the effects of continued domestic sheep grazing in the High Uintas Wilderness (HUW). There are 10 sheep allotments located on the north and south slopes of HUW and are located in both the Ashley and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NFs.
High Uintas Wilderness Domestic Sheep Analysis DEIS#69648
High Uintas Wilderness Domestic Sheep Analysis DEIS
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 07/12/2019
69647#69647 Abstract
The Spor Mountain Project, if approved, will safeguard approximately 79 hazardous abandoned mine openings on BLM-managed public lands in the Thomas Range located NW of Delta, Utah in Juab County. The project will be conducted under the mandate of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA). Cultural, biological and paleontological surveys and consultations have been conducted for compliance with NEPA, ESA, and NHPA Section 106. The safeguard design minimizes impact to these resources. Landowners and claimants are being identified and asked for consent to close abandoned mine openings on their land. Consent is documented in a signed Right of Entry agreement. If the landowner or claimant denies consent that will be documented in writing. DOGM will write an Environmental Assessment (EA), and both the BLM and the USDOI Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation, and Enforcement will issue a FONSI or NOI.
Spor Mountain Abandoned Mine Closure Project (AMR/023/906)#69647
Spor Mountain Abandoned Mine Closure Project (AMR/023/906)
[view] Comment Period Open DNR/Division of Oil, Gas & Mining 07/16/2019
69646#69646 Abstract
Notice of intent to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS), availability of the draft scope of study for the EIS, scoping meetings, and request for comments. The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition (Coalition) plans to file a request with the Surface Transportation Board (Board) for authority to construct and operate an approximately 80-mile rail line between two terminus points in the Uinta Basin near Myton, Utah, and Leland Bench, Utah, and the interstate rail network. The construction and operation of the proposed rail line has the potential to result in significant environmental impacts; therefore, the Board s Office of Environmental Analysis (OEA) has determined that the preparation of an EIS is appropriate pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), as amended. The purpose of this notice is to inform stakeholders including members of the public; tribes; federal, state, and local agencies; environmental groups; and potential shippers interested in or potentially affected by the proposed project. OEA will hold public scoping meetings as part of the NEPA process. Comments submitted during scoping will assist OEA in defining the range of alternatives and potential impacts to be considered in the EIS. OEA has developed a Draft Scope of Study for the EIS for stakeholder review and comment.
Seven County Infrastructure Coalition--Rail Construction & Operation EIS#69646
Seven County Infrastructure Coalition--Rail Construction & Operation EIS
[view] Comment Period Open Other/Federal Government 07/22/2019
69603#69603 Abstract
Draft Programmatic EIS is available for public comment See Volume II at the website Appendix A, Maps
Programmatic EIS for Fuels Reduction and Rangeland Restoration in the Gr...#69603
Programmatic EIS for Fuels Reduction and Rangeland Restoration in the Great Basin
[view] Comment Period Open DOI/Bureau of Land Management 07/15/2019
69585#69585 Abstract
FERC is soliciting comments on the Pre-Application Document (PAD) and Commission's staff Scoping Document 1 (SD 1 ), as well as study requests. All comments on the PAD and SDI.
Cutler Hydroelectric Project#69585
Cutler Hydroelectric Project
[view] Comment Period Open Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 07/23/2019
69584#69584 Abstract
BLM Fillmore Field Office has received a proposal from Cox Transport seeking approval of expanding mining activities into an additional 9.89 acres and proposing to extract gypsum within this existing open pit mine area. The Little Salt Creek Gypsum quarry is located six (6) miles south of Levan, Utah and 3 miles up a county road(see Map 1 in Appendix A). The proposed mining would be conducted in accordance with Cox s Plan of Operations, which was filed with the BLM in compliance with 43 CFR 3809.401, and a Notice of Intention to Commence Small Mining Operations (NOI, filed with the State of Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining [UDOGM]).
Little Salt Creek Cox Quarry#69584
Little Salt Creek Cox Quarry
[view] Comments Closed DOI/Bureau of Land Management 06/24/2019
69583#69583 Abstract
Wapiti proposes to drill one oil well from a well pad. The project area is located approximately 26 miles south of Myton, Utah. The proposed well would be drilled utilizing a new location. Approximately 1,080 feet of road would be built in addition Wapiti would build approximately 1,132 feet of 4 inch surface pipeline.
Wapiti's Federal 41-5-11-14H#69583
Wapiti's Federal 41-5-11-14H
[view] Comment Period Open DOI/Bureau of Land Management 06/25/2019
69563#69563 Abstract
The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service (Agency) is proposing revisions to its National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations. The Agency proposes these revisions to increase efficiency in its environmental analysis while meeting NEPA s requirements and fully honoring its environmental stewardship responsibilities. The proposed rule would contribute to increasing the pace and scale of work accomplished on the ground and would help the Agency achieve its mission to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations. Public input has informed the development of the proposed rule, including through an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The Agency is now requesting public comment on the revisions in the proposed rule. The Agency will carefully consider all public comments in preparing the final rule.
NEPA Compliance Revisions--Proposed Rule#69563
NEPA Compliance Revisions--Proposed Rule
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 08/05/2019
69544#69544 Abstract
Finley Resources Inc. proposes to drill sixteen new oil wells on twelve well pads
Finley Resources Inc. Aurora and OPNX Wells#69544
Finley Resources Inc. Aurora and OPNX Wells
[view] Comments Closed DOI/Bureau of Land Management 06/24/2019
69543#69543 Abstract
Proposal to improve fiber optic and cellular network in AF Canyon by installing approximately 6.4 miles of new conduit along SR-92 and SR-144, approximately 28 (35-foot tall) cellular antenna nodes, and a structure to house wireless comm equipment.
American Fork Canyon Fiber Optics Project#69543
American Fork Canyon Fiber Optics Project
[view] Comment Period Open USDA/Forest Service 07/09/2019
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